olio extra vergine di oliva, limonolio e piccantolio

Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the most appreciated product of our pantry. The colour is limpid, and shows beautiful tonalities ranging from green to straw yellow. The taste is firm and full-bodied, very pleasant to the palate. Perfect to be tasted  on a slice of homemade bread.

It is a superior category oil, “Colline Salernitane DOP” (Protected Designation of Origin), obtained directly from the olives and exclusively with cold pressing. The extra virgin olive oil DOP “Colline Salernitane” has very ancient roots, as it derives from autochthone varieties that have always been present in Salerno province.

The olive harvest is by hand; the milling is carried out within 24 hours; the extraction is cold, with temperatures that do not exceed 27 °, in order to preserve the genuineness and all the organoleptic characteristics of the oil.

The extra virgin olive oil DOP “CollineSalernitane” has very remote origins: the cultivation can be traced back to the ancient settlers of Magna Graecia. It is an oil obtained from traditional cultivation techniques and varieties typical of the production area.

The extra virgin olive oil classic derives from the cold extractionof different varieties of olives that grow on the hills of Salerno. In a landscape always dotted with olive groves.

Piccantolio is an infusion of extra virgin olive oil and hot chili peppers. An excellent dressing for pasta, soups and to give a stronger touch to any preparation.

Limonolio is a lemon infusion and extra virgin olive oil. Obtained exclusively with olives cultivated in Italy. With its delicate taste can be used as an  excellent condiment to season fresh salads but also to dress all kind of meat and fish dishes.

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