Gift Box

Gift Box

Casa Iuorio created useful and elegant gift boxes to offer aromatic and authentic delicacies. They represent the access to a fragrant and genuine pantry, an invitation to enter in our home. They are containers of history, passion and natural products. They contain the taste and the flavours of a great world rich in tradition and passion for our land.

Compose your gift box choosing among the many products of Casa Iuorio‘s pantry.

Alternatively find the  rich compositions containing products selected by us that allow you to take a leap into the past and discover genuine raw materials.

Raffinatezze box is composed of: whole yellow datterino cherry tomatoes natural 580 ml; OrtoMayo – Vegan mayo of pepper 250 ml; artichokes 314 ml; broccoli spiert 212 ml; condiments for sauces 106 ml; asparagus and truffle 106 ml; strawberry grapes mustard 156 ml.

Casa Iuorio selection box is composed of: artichokes in extra virgin olive oil 314 ml and sweet and sour peppers 314 ml.

Joys of home box is composed of: broccoli spiert in extra virgin olive oil 314 ml; artichokes in extra virgin olive oil 314 ml; ready-made tomato sauce Nonna Marì with cruschi red peppers and hard ricotta cheese 314 ml.

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