Tomatoes: tomatoes fillets Pacchetelle, peeled and sauces

Tomato is one of the main protagonist of our pantry. Freshly picked, with its fresh taste and inviting scent, it is an icon of our tradition.

In our family farm we have selected several traditional varieties of tomato, linked to the areas of the Alta Valle del Sele, in the province of Salerno, to transform them and obtain
premium preserves such as peeled tomato, tomato sauce, tomato in brine, or tomato in Pacchetelle (sliced in two part in brine).

Among our varieties you can find sunshine tomato (pomodoro a’ sole): red and round, corpulent and sweet. It needs just sun and little water to grow. The rays of the sun stimulate the maturation and in our farm the sun never fails, since we practice open field agriculture, which does not include the use of greenhouses.

This traditional tomato variety has an important quantity of
lycopene than the usual tomatoes we buy at the supermarket. And lycopene brings lot of benefits to our health.

Red Datterino and Yellow Datterino are the other varieties produced in our farm. This variety is characterized by a particularly sweet and a delicate taste. You can find it in different variants: in brine, in sauce, whole in sauce or in pacchetelle.

We also grow the long red tomato: thin skin, thick pulp, delicate flavour. We pick it up and transform it by hand to obtain peeled tomato in juice, ideal to give taste to many dishes.

The oval red tomato closes the types present in our gardens: the shape resembles to a small light bulb, the skin is full-bodied and hard, the flesh sweet and compact.

Our preserves are made by hand: peeled, pureed, sauces, natural tomatoes and pacchetelle born from the family passion for tomatoes. All our recipes are integrally made by hand and in the respect of ancient recipes.

To make pacchetelle, for example, we cut tomatoes in half and arrange them in a jar one by one, according to the traditional recipe, only with water and salt. In this way we want
both to give continuity to a preservation method, and to offer a product in all its naturalness.

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