Casa Iuorio Maionese vegana

Vegan mayonnaise: made with only four natural ingredients

In Casa Iuorio we have always cultivated raw materials from seeds of local varieties.

We practice open-fields cultivation, with the plants exposed directly to the sun and to other atmospheric agents. The hilly landscape, the mild climate and the typical Mediterranean vegetation complete the picture of our fields.

The new vegan mayonnaise, 100% vegetal comes from the transformation by hand of our seasonal vegetables, produced in the internal laboratory of our farm, and prepared with four ingredients only. The vegetable of the season, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and salt.

A true excellence, whose list of ingredients does not include anything else. In fact we do not add preservatives, dyes or thickeners. We do not put eggs, milk and sugar.

Only four natural ingredients for a truly healthy and rich taste. In line with the spirit of our family recipes, prepared in a genuine ambient and using only few seasonal ingredients.

Pumpkins, aubergines, peppers, cauliflower and broccoli are just some of the vegetables we have already used for our vegan mayonnaise. Each mayonnaise is characterized by its particular color and flavor.

Use your imagination and use it in your kitchen in different preparation: you can make delicious sandwiches, dress pasta, accompany cheese, meat and fish. Lots of options for many colorful and appetizing dishes.

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