Artisanal tomato preserves

In Casa Iuorio we make tomato preserves as per our ancient family recipe.

From the strong family passion for tomatoes and the craftsmanship we produce peeled tomatoes, passata, ready sauces, tomatoes in brine and pacchetelle (tomatoes fillets).

How are our artisanal tomato preserves made?

  • With tomatoes from our fields, only the ripest, pulpy and fragrant
  • hand-picked
  • hand washed with running water
  • hand selected by local ladies
  • cooked without adding correctors
  • pasteurized at low temperature

Contact us:

– to the number +39 338 954 9348 (also on WhatsApp)
– by email to

What are the products that can be ordered?

Tomato sauce (Passata)
Suitable for sauces, traditional “sughi” and gourmet recipes, tomato sauce is one of our most popular product. Made with 3 varieties of tomatoes.
Tomato sauce - Passata

Yellow datterino tomatoes

Ancient variety of yellow cherry tomatoes, harvested by hand, stored manually and with great care in glass jars to preserve their consistency and fragrance.

Available whole in brine or in traditional recipe called “pacchetelle”,( cut in 2 ) which keeps intact the scent, color, particular sweetness, ideal for the preparation of legume soups, fish-based first courses, for the most original preparations and in every gourmet recipe.
Yellow datterino tomatoes

Red cherry tomatoes (datterino)

Red datterino grown in the hills is distinguished by its high sugar content, which makes it particularly tasty, with a very intense aromatic flavour.

It is rich in minerals and vitamins, with a regenerating action on all the cells of the body. Pasteurized with a delicate cooking in a bain-marie, so as not to alter the flavour.

Ideal both raw and in the preparation of salads or bruschetta, both sautéed for light sauces and meat or fish based sauces.

Red cherry tomatoes - datterino

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