Carciofini Casa Iuorio

This year, with a little delay due to weather condition, the artichokes production has started. In Casa Iuorio everything is made by hand, from harvesting to the preparation of the single jars.

Pickled artichokes in extra virgin olive oil

After the harvest, the artichokes arrive in our laboratory:

  • we peel the artichokes to eliminate the external leaves and the stem
  • we meticulously refine with a small knife
  • we obtain only the tender heart of the artichoke
  • we put the artichokes in cold water and lemon to avoid the oxidation
  • we placed one by one in the jars and fill with extra virgin olive oil only.

OrtoMayo® Vegan Mayonnaise of artichokes

It is a cream of artichokes, completely vegetable, with a consistency similar to a mayonnaise but with about half the kcal.

It is made in a traditional way, with only four ingredients, without eggs, without preservatives and dyes. Excellent to eat with meat and fish; on pizza or sandwich; as a filling for fresh pasta.

Taste our artichoke-based specialties!