Dispensa di marzo: tante novità da provare!

The month of March began with lots of innovative products to try. Open our pantry and try them all!

Our productions are the result of a very short production chain. Every product is made in artisanal way, with seasonal vegetables and prepared by hand by local women. Ingredients are few and simple, according to our family recipes and NOT include the use of preservatives, additives and dyes.

Which are the new preparation to try in the month of March?

Lemons - sweet spreadable cream

Lemons – Sweet Spreadable Cream

Our lemon cream is made with lemons of our garden, harvested and processed exclusively by hand. Compare the ingredients with the other creams on the market and you will understand why it is worth tasting.

It can be used in many different ways:

  • to spread on bread or biscuits
  • to fill cakes, croissants and brioches, both before and after cooking
  • to decorate cakes and pastries
  • as a topping on yogurt, fruit and ice cream

Red chicory jelly

Red chicory jelly

It is made with red chicory harvested in the open field on our farm and then worked by hand in our laboratory.

Excellent to serve with fresh and aged cheeses. Very good with pecorino and to make cheesecake. It can also accompany meat and fish dishes, boiled and roasted.

OrtoMayo – Vegan Mayo of broccoli

OrtoMayo – Vegan Mayo of broccoli

Vegan mayonnaise comes from the manual transformation of seasonal vegetables, made in the laboratory inside the farm. It is 100% vegetable, prepared with only four ingredients. A seasonal vegetable, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and salt.

Ideal to accompany cheeses, fill sandwiches, dress pasta, eat meat and fish differently.


“Broccoli spiert” (wild)

Broccoli ‘spiert is a traditional ecotype of broccoli from the Alta Valle del Sele, where our farm is located. It is grown and prepared by hand, in extra virgin olive oil, in our laboratory.

Accompanies appetizers, it can be used on pizza, to fill focaccia and wraps but also as a side dish for meat, fish and cheeses.


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