Nuove referenze Casa Iuorio

2021 in Casa Iuorio started with many new products in the pantry: cabbage, cauliflower and fennel are the new references to try!

Freshly prepared by hand, with seasonal vegetables, they enrich our offer for lovers of good food.

Vegetables grow in a sustainable way, in our fields in Palomonte, in the province of Salerno, and are hand-picked and transformed within few hours, while they are still fresh.

The recipes we prepare, with the support of a food technologist, are simple, made with very few ingredients and without the addition of preservatives and dyes. They really remember the flavors of the past!

What are the new references?

Cabbage with mountain potatoes and artisanal bacon

A traditional Campania recipe of peasant origin, prepared entirely by hand in our laboratory. You can eat it as a first course; as a soup if heated; as a side dish.

Cabbage with potatoes and bacon

OrtoMayo of cauliflower

It is the latest of our OrtoMayo line, mayonnaise made with only four ingredients and without eggs. It is suitable for pizza, bruschetta and focaccia; to dress pasta; to accompany meat and fish.

OrtoMayo of cauliflower

Grilled fennel in balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil

Fennel, grilled and then prepared with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, without adding preservatives, can be served as an appetizer with cold cuts and cheeses; as a side dish; in a gourmet sandwich.

Grilled fennel

Do you want to try the new specialties of Casa Iuorio?