Zucchine Casa Iuorio

The harvest of our courgettes has begun, in our open fields in Palomonte, in the province of Salerno. And at the same time also the transformation from fresh, completely by hand, in the laboratory inside our family farm.

In the pantry there are many references available prepared with this seasonal vegetable, really multipurpose, delicious for many preparations. Let’s see them together below.


In extra virgin olive oil

Crunchy and tasty, prepared only with extra virgin olive oil, they can accompany meat and cheese dishes as a side dish, and to make special appetizers.

Zucchini in extra virgin olive oil

Zucchini “alla scapece” (Fried sundried courgette with mint)

They are prepared by frying the sun dried zucchini in slices and seasoning them with a marinade made with vinegar, garlic, oregano, extra virgin olive oil and fresh mint. Once ready you can use them for a side dish, on pizza or focaccia, to dress pasta or to fill a sandwich.

Zucchini “alla scapece” (Fried sundried courgette with mint)

Summer soup

Typical preparation of the farmer’s tradition, it is made mainly with seasonal products of our fields: courgettes, courgette flowers, the tender shoots of the courgette plant, together with new potatoes and artisanal bacon. A dish that is a dip in the summer. To try!

Summer soup

ORTOMAYO® – Vegan mayonnaise and courgette cream

An exclusive Casa Iuorio product, vegan mayonnaise and courgette cream are characterized by very few ingredients: San Pasquale courgette, drops of lemon, extra virgin olive oil and whole sea salt.

Without eggs, sugar, milk and without using production waste. In the kitchen they are ideal to dress pasta and rice, to accompany  cheeses  and finger food, on pizza and to fill gourmet sandwiches.

ORTOMAYO® - Vegan mayonnaise


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