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At Casa Iuorio it is easy to do seasonal shopping: each month there are seasonal vegetables and dedicated products, which follow the trend of the garden.

In summer, the pantry is filled with fresh and aromatic products, so you can make a healthy and good shopping .

Seasonal shopping: what’s new in the pantry

Al Bacio Kiss Tomato ready sauce

“Al Bacio” (Kiss) Tomato ready sauce

Al Bacio sauce is a ready-to-use sauce prepared with tomato pulp, peeled cherry tomatoes, pork lard, Palomonte garlic and extra virgin olive oil.

One of the ingredients of this sauce is the Palomonte’s garlic, a typical garlic of the Alta Valle del Sele,  almost completely disappeared and recovered thanks to the participation in the Agliog project, which aims to protect and enhance the cultivation of garlic, through the recovery and characterization of Tanagro garlic and other local Campania ecotypes and the transformation of bulbs and/or leaves into new gourmet products with high nutraceutical value to be used in the gastronomic and catering sector.

Pantry: products again available

Basil pesto

Basil pesto

Prepared with fresh basil from the garden.

Apricot Jam

Apricot Jam

Made with the fruits of the trees of the farm property.

ORTOMAYO® – Zucchini cream

ORTOMAYO® – Zucchini cream

100% vegetable, prepared in an artisanal way with first choice seasonal vegetables, grown in the open field. Without milk, eggs and sugar.

“Scapece!” zucchini

“Scapece” zucchini

Before frying they are sundried at the sun to be slightly dried in a natural way.



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