ORTOMAYO is Casa Iuorio’s 100% vegetable mayonnaise, prepared with only four ingredients: a vegetable or a seasonal vegetable, extra virgin olive oil, lemon and salt.

Orange of pumpkin, light green of zucchini, dark green of spiert broccoli, white of cauliflower, coral of pepper, beige of eggplant.

It is the natural cycle of the seasons that dictates the rhythm of the preparation of Ortomayo © jars, with their bright color and delicate and particular flavor. The transformation and processing of vegetables and seasonal vegetables is done exclusively by hand.

A true excellence, without the use of preservatives, dyes or thickeners, able to combine the spirit of our family recipes with the search for a healthy gastronomic style.

The Mayonnaise Vegan
and the Ortocreme, magical and healthy in the kitchen

Ortomayo, without eggs, milk or sugar, lends itself to many quick and refined uses in the kitchen.

Our mayonnaise can be used to enrich the bread with delicious natural and gourmet sandwiches, for imaginative and simple recipes, for surprising, colorful, refined finger foods, to give shape and substance to many other gastronomic ideas.

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