In Casa Iuorio’ farm, we prepare artisanal preserved food, from raw materials we directly grow into our fields. We’re in line with our family tradition, that of transforming soil’s delicacies, to share on the table.

Bottling vegetables and greens, is a nicely rooted custom in Palomonte, in the south of Salerno’ district, that’s where our production reality is based. Preparing artisanal food is a great form of respect, for the land and its fruits. A good way to meet true flavors, far from uniformed and flattened taste.

Over bottled tomatoes, preserved – in – oil food and mayonnaise, we even prepare sweet and bittersweet compotes.

The leading actors in this are our vegetables and fruit. Planted and then collected by hand, in our plots, following the seasonality of traditional agriculture, still practiced in open field.

Casa Iuorio’ compotes and jams are dyes, preservatives and additives free.

They have a very low percentage of sugar, compared to classic jams. Their sweet or bittersweet taste, make them an excellent suggestion for breakfast or to surprise diners, in other convivial moments.

The preparation (raw materials are processed by hand and their cooking, happens into our laboratory) guarantees the maintenance of all the used fruit and vegetables’ nutritional properties.

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