Casa’ recipes, come from the reinterpretation of some dishes of Campania’s poor kitchen. They draw inspiration from the “basket” contents, that our grandmothers prepared and brought on their heads when they had lunch outside, next to the fields, waiting for the end of the agricultural activities.

Savoy cabbage with mountain potatoes and artisanal bacon; borage and anchovies; scapece zucchini; the escarole with crushed olives; the summer soup, with courgetti flowers; the vernino tomato’s acquasale with garlic, oregano, salt and extra virgin olive oil, are just some of the recipes which re – propose Italy’ tastes in the countryside.

Dishes that we would consider poor, today, they are actually healthy and rich in nutrients, cooked with raw materials from our kitchen garden, good to be enjoyed as a first course, to dress pizzas or gourmet sandwiches or as a side dish.

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