1. How much are the shipping costs in Italy?

Up to 30 kg                    => €18

from 30.01 kg to 50 kg         => €25

Over 50 kg                      => €25 + €1 for each additional kg

2. Can I ship abroad? How much does it cost?

Contact customer service info@casaiuorio.it

3. Who can you ship to?

Shipping is only possible to physical addresses. The Products purchased on the Site will be delivered to the address you indicated to us in the order form. In any case, you can ask for the delivery of the products to an address other than the billing address or indicate a natural person of your choice. At the time of delivery, the signature of an adult will be required.

4. How soon will you ship my order?

Deliveries normally take place within 48/36 hours

4.1 – Following a purchase proposal sent through the Website, the Customer will receive a  summary e-mail from Casa Iuorio, in which he will be informed that his The purchase order is being processed and will be considered accepted, unless otherwise communicated by e-mail or telephone sent by Casa Iuorio within 3 (three) calendar days from receipt of the summary e-mail.

4.2 – The Customer will be allowed to choose one of the following payment methods:
to. Advance ordinary bank transfer: together with the order confirmation, the details for the B/B are sent, to be carried out before the shipment of the goods.
b. Credit Card: Carta Sì, Visa and Mastercard are accepted
c. mark
d. PayPal account.

5. How is the order shipped?

Our main concern is to safeguard the product by guaranteeing its perfect conservation and integrity during the journey.

6. How can I understand the status of my order?

CASA IUORIO offers the possibility of viewing the status of each “open” order in real time. When your order has been entrusted to the courier for shipping, you will receive an email with the link to track the package.

7. Can I track the shipment?

just click the link in the email sent by the courier. For any need, you can contact us on +39 0828 1655132 or write to info@casaiuorio.it

8. How soon will I receive my order?

The goods are delivered within 36 hours after being entrusted to the courier.

9. Can I receive the goods at an address other than the billing address? Can I send the goods to someone I know?

When entering your billing information you will be asked if you want to ship to a different delivery address.

10. Is it possible to agree on a time for receiving the goods?

Unfortunately it is not possible to agree on a time or be notified by the courier.

11. Is it possible to have multiple delivery addresses for a single order?

It is not possible, you will have to place multiple orders.

12. Is it possible to collect the goods at your location?

Absolutely yes from 09:00 to 13:00

13. Can I request a deposit hold from the nearest courier?

It is possible to collect the goods at the SDA depots. Consult the courier website to find the one closest to you and to enter the correct address when completing the order. We will ship directly to the depot you indicated.

14. I have a problem with an undelivered shipment. What should I do?

Check the tracking of the shipment and automatically access the courier’s website. There you will find all the details of the shipment and the contacts of those who manage it. In case of difficulty or goods in storage, contact us as soon as possible: we will give new instructions to the courier.

15. What should I do before accepting a delivery?

Before accepting the goods:

  • Check the integrity of the packaging and the number of packages in front of the courier.
  • If the packaging is damaged, it must be immediately contested through a written control reserve on the courier’s proof of delivery, indicating the damage (for example “subject to damaged packaging …”).
  • If the courier does not allow you to affix the reserve, reject the goods.
  • If, despite the packaging being intact, the goods are damaged, report the damage to us within 24 hours of receiving the goods.
  • Once the courier’s document has been signed, you will not be able to make any objection regarding the external characteristics of the delivered package.